Netflix: the film ranked as the most risqué in the entire catalog will leave you breathless

Netflix is ​​undoubtedly the most chosen streaming platform when deciding what to see. This is due to its extensive catalog which has several options for all types of audiences. That is why today we bring you “Many more ants between the legs” a slightly risqué proposal.

The platform that currently participates in the production, creation, dissemination, and acquisition of audiovisual works, has a large number of outstanding films to watch on its list. However, today we will talk aboutMany more ants between the legs”, a film available at Netflix and starring: Tobias Schäfer who plays Charly and Cosima Henman who plays Paula.

The film available on Netflix titled “Many more ants between the legs”and that it is an excellent option when looking for what to seecarries with it the following description: “A teenage duo try to get ahead in school – and in their friendship – while dealing with new and uncomfortable impulses… and with their unwelcome feelings for each other.”

The movie “Many more ants between the legs” is recent since she was trained this year 2023. On the streaming platform, Netflix, the film of German origin is classified as suitable for people over 16 years of age, although within the comedy genre. This is because the film has what to see with the theme of sexuality experienced in adolescence.

The main characters, Charly and Paula used to be inseparable friends but as they grow up they begin to suffer physical changes typical of age, leading them to feel something for each other. The proposal of NetflixMany more ants between the legs“reveals how these teenagers begin to discover their bodies and their sexuality together while you try to decipher their feelings, making it a very good option when choosing what to see.

Source: Twitter