NETFLIX: the series based on true events that is captivating and addictive from beginning to end

The Netflix streaming platform always surprises us with a wide variety of movies and series to enjoy in our free time. The question often arises, “What to see in Netflix today?”, since the options are numerous. However, there is a miniseries that has attracted attention for its ability to keep us in suspense from the first episode: “alone“.

Despite the numerous forms of entertainment available today, Netflix remains a popular choice for many. When faced with its vast catalogue, the choice of what to see can be a challenge. In that sense, “Alone” is an intriguing option that offers a unique experience.

alone” is a miniseries that has gained recognition in Netflix due to its extreme nature. It is a survival reality show that features ten isolated participants, without contact with each other and with limited resources in the wild. Its objective is to resist and survive in adverse conditions.

The synopsis of “alone” immerses us in this exciting adventure: “Ten survival experts must face the harshest conditions of wildlife, without contact between them, fighting to resist and win.” Despite having premiered in 2016, the series continues to captivate the audience with its moments of tension and the extreme scenes that the contestants face.

With seven seasons and more than 70 episodes, “alone“has become a must-see miniseries what to see. Each episode lasts 30 to 40 minutes and focuses on the participants’ struggle to survive in challenging natural environments. Since its debut on the History channel, Netflix has added this series to its catalogue, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the exciting experiences of “alone“.

Source: Netflix