Netflix: the series that with only 10 chapters will conquer you and change your perception of love

Unquestionably, Netflix stands out as one of the most valued streaming platforms when choosing content what to see. This is due to the extensive offering of its catalogue, which provides a wide selection of series and movies, ensuring the satisfaction of a diverse audience. In this sense, we strongly invite you to enjoy an amazing series that is available on this platform: “If I hadn’t met you“.

“If I had not known you” is a 2018 Catalan television series created by Sergi Belbel, produced by Diagonal TV in collaboration with TV3. The series that you can enjoy in Netflix stars Pablo Derqui, Andrea Ros and Mercedes Sampietro, who played Eduard Marina, Liz Everest and Elisa, respectively. This production has quickly become one of the most chosen when looking for what to see.

The series that is our recommendation when searching what to seeis available in NetflixIf I hadn’t met you” focuses on the story of Eduard, a middle-aged businessman, happily married to Elisa and father of two children, who sees his life take an unexpected turn following a tragic accident that he indirectly triggers. Neither his family nor his closest friends can ease his pain.

In this context in the plot of “If I hadn’t met you”, an enigmatic old woman named Liz Everest appears, who claims to be a retired scientist. Liz suggests that Eduard participate in a risky experiment that will transform her life in an unexpected way.

On the platform of Netflix The 10-episode series has the following description: Eduard, husband and father of two children, loses his family in a tragic accident and travels to parallel universes to seek a better destiny for his beloved wife. Without a doubt “If I hadn’t met you“It is an excellent option when choosing what to see

Source: IMDB