Netflix’s romantic comedy that steals sighs and continues to advance as one of the most viewed

With the arrival of the weekend, the plans for it also arrive and thousands of people are the ones who decide to spend time in their homes looking for what to see to be able to share a good series or movie with their families, their partners and in many cases alone. This time we bring you a recommendation that is all the rage within Netflix called “It’s you” which is special for those who enjoy genres like romantic comedy.

The romantic comedy is one of the most chosen options in terms of genre within Netflix and for this reason today we bring this recommendation of this fiction called “Eres Tú” that apparently has managed to attract the attention of thousands of users of the platform throughout the world and that is why it has become one of the most popular there is bound to be what to see within the current catalog that the content streaming platform offers.

The synopsis in Netflix Regarding the plot of this romantic comedy what to see titled “It’s you” comes to propose to let us know about this story: “Javier was 16 years old when he kissed a girl for the first time, and discovered that he had the gift of clairvoyance in love. With just one kiss he is able to see the future of that relationship Everything changes when he kisses Lucía, his best friend’s girlfriend.

In case you’re looking for something what to see and “It’s you“has also caught your attention, we recommend that in addition to adding it to the list of contents to see within Netflix view it quickly since this platform, like the vast majority of content streaming services, updates its catalog on a recurring basis and many titles are replaced within a few weeks of being made available to the public.

In case your plan includes finding something what to see within Netflix or another of the platforms, we also recommend using recommendation guides to quickly find an option to play, since many times we can spend long hours deciding what to see among so many options and thus we wear out our desire to see some of the thousands of films that are on the platform, wearing down the possibilities of our plan and losing the possibility of seeing content like “It’s you“.

Source: Netflix