Netflix’s spiciest series is ideal to watch as a couple and doesn’t take a breather

Undoubtedly for free time there are thousands of people who decide on a plan at home where watching on platforms such as Netflix becomes a fundamental aspect of the day. In this case, his plan is to watch a series on Netflix but as a couple we bring you an excellent option that can solve your problems. this fiction what to see in a couple is called dark desire and it is one of the ones that has caused the most impact on the platforms in recent weeks.

Oscuro Deseo is one of the contents that has presented the best numbers within Netflix when what to see It is about and for this reason there are thousands of users who are waiting to view this new fiction that apparently is extremely promising and according to those who have already viewed the content, one of the ideal ones to watch as a couple if you are looking for something to watch. together with the person with whom you have decided to share your life.

If this is your case and you are looking for something what to see in Netflix that can generate a good climate and moment within the couple the synopsis of dark desire expresses that: Alma, a married woman, lives a weekend getaway that ignites a passion, unleashes a misfortune and makes her doubt her most intimate circle. She sees all you want. Maite Perroni (The Game of Keys), Alejandro Speitzer (The Club), Erik Hayser (Ingobernable) and Jorge Poza (Ringo).

According to the users and users of Netflix, dark desire It has an excellent plot and also an excellent rhythm, which is why it is one of the most chosen options. what to see in recent weeks and it may be a solution at hand that prevents us from spending hours in search of some content since navigating the seas of the catalog of Netflix without a recommendation it can be extremely complicated and exhausting and can even ruin our plans.

In case you decide in your search about what to see by fiction dark desirewe recommend viewing it soon since in Netflix It is customary to make catalog replacements without prior notice and therefore many of the contents that we think we can view at another time are withdrawn and we lose the opportunity to see them comfortably and accessible from our home and in the company of our partners.

Source: Netflix