Network abuse writes to card. Bassetti: “Enough hypocrisy, we need a Commission to investigate pedophilia cases”

“We must investigate and pay, we need a Commission of Inquiry” to shed light on pedophile priests. Rete l’Abuso, with President Francesco Zanardi, wrote an open letter to the President of the CEI, Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, in the aftermath of the Day of Prayer for the Victims of Sexual Abuse by the Clergy.

“Most Reverend Excellency, – writes Zanardi addressing the president of the Bishops – three thousand Catholic priests in France have raped 216,000 children, if we then add the induced around the parishes, we arrive at about 330 thousand. We are also left with only 3,000 priests found guilty of 216,000. rape of children, if we take an average the mathematics says that each priest has raped 72 children. We ignore how many times. All this in France, on an average basis of only 22,000 priests, 3,000 were found to have raped minors “.

The president of the Network l’Abuso returns to the Italian situation: “As you well know, in Italy the average number of priests is about 50 thousand and, if the situation is like in all other nations, we find on the basis of religious figures, line as the CIASE commission reconfirms, I ask you: Do you think you can say that in Italy there is no need for a commission of inquiry because the phenomenon is negligible? Respecting the day of prayer dedicated to the victims, I remind you that ‘faith, without works is dead ‘and that’ Whoever scandalizes even one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for him to have a donkey-turned millstone hung around his neck and thrown into the depths of the sea ‘”.

Hence the requests of the victims of abuse to Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti: “Here there is no need to pray to your Excellency, you have to investigate and you have to pay, not only financially with the compensation to those who have suffered, but also the penalty for those who committed it. a few minutes in a banal apology prayer may be enough, and not even a confession, unless this is in front of a magistrate. Therefore, even if we appreciate yet another prayer, respectfully, on behalf of the entire Italian organization of victims of abuse survivors of the clergy Rete L’Abuso, victims of more than 160 priests held definitively responsible in Italy, and of the other more than 150 currently reported (naturally among the only known in Italy, in addition to the bishops covered up) We do not hide from you that we would have preferred the proposal of a concrete and responsible act, which humanly compensated the survivors and also the Church in her concrete repentance, as happens in other countries “.

The president of the Network l’Abuso observes: “We do not feel conscious of being able to accept your homage, even while abroad, instead of sticking our heads in the sand as the Italian Bishops ‘Conference is doing, the bishops’ conferences are investigating and selling their immovable property to compensate the victims. So Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, Please understand why we cannot accept from you such, yet another act of cowardice, as something positive and not hypocritical, totally useless both for the prevention and the cause, and for a possible revaluation of the Italian Church “.