“Never had sympathy or closeness to Fascism”, the words of Meloni

The Prime Minister: “Racial laws a shame that will mark our people forever”

“In spite of what has been argued instrumentally, I have never felt sympathy or closeness towards anti-democratic regimes. For any regime, fascism including. “Thus in a passage of the speech delivered to the Chamber to ask for confidence in the government, Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni clearly reiterates her distance from Benito Mussolini’s regime.

“Exactly as I have always thought the racial laws of 1938 – he adds forcefully – the lowest point in Italian history, a shame that will mark our people forever. “So Giorgia Meloni, in a passage of her speech in the Chamber, in the Chamber.

“THE totalitarianisms of the twentieth century – underlines Meloni – have torn the whole of Europe, not only Italy, for more than half a century, in a succession of horrors that has invested most of the European states. And the horror and crimes, whoever they are committed by, do not deserve any justification, and are not compensated for by other horrors and other crimes. In the abyss, the scores are never evened out, he just rushes “.

“The political community from which I come – claimed the Prime Minister – has always made progress towards a full and aware historicization of the twentieth century, has taken on important government responsibilities by swearing on the Republican Constitution, as we had the honor to do just a few hours ago. He stated and embodied without any ambiguity i values ​​of liberal democracy, which are the basis of the common identity of the Italian center-right. And from which – he concluded – we will not deflect by a single centimeter: we will fight any form of racism, anti-Semitism, political violence, discrimination “.