New AEG hi-tech washing machines, energy efficiency and use with apps

The 9000 Series model consumes 35% less energy

AEG, a brand of Electrolux Group, has introduced its latest hi-tech washing machines, Series 9000 LR9T16ABS and Series 7000 LR7H116BY. The 9000 Series LR9T16ABS model stands out for its energy saving capabilities, with an energy class A-35%. This means that compared to standard class A washing machines, the 9000 Series model consumes 35% less energy, positioning itself among the most efficient on the market. Its AbsoluteWash 49min technology is a strong point, capable of cleaning clothes thoroughly at just 30°C in less than an hour, guaranteeing the elimination of stains and an energy saving of 30%. SoftWater technology purifies water, removing harmful minerals, while PowerCare technology optimally mixes detergent and softener before releasing them into the drum, ensuring uniform distribution on the fabrics. Furthermore, the 9000 Series model is equipped with wireless connectivity, which allows you to connect the appliance to the MyAEG Care app. This intuitive application offers personalized suggestions to optimize the use of your washing machine, adapting it to individual needs without compromising energy efficiency.

As regards the 7000 Series LR7H116BY, this model stands out for its innovative use of steam and its precision in treating garments. The Vapore Finale function reduces wrinkles and the time needed to iron, while Vapore Refresh neutralizes odors and reduces creases in 25 minutes, using 96% less water than a full cycle. PreciseWash technology automatically adapts the program to the weight of the load, reducing energy, time and water consumption by up to 40% for the smallest loads. Finally, the patented design of the UniversalDose drawer guarantees complete dissolution of all types of detergent, even in short cycles and at low temperatures.