New flirtation for Massimiliano Allegri after Ambra Angiolini: with whom he was ‘pinched’

After Fanpage, also the weekly Who has ‘caught’ Massimiliano Allegri in the company of his alleged new flame: that’s who it is.

A new love for the Juventus manager? It would seem so, given the shots published by the weekly Who they show Massimiliano Allegri while walking through the streets of Lugano hand in hand with a woman. This is the same one with which, last June, he was spotted by Fanpage on the beach of a luxury resort in Sardinia.

Massimiliano Allegri new flame (Credits: RaiPlay)

Several times at the center of gossip for his chatted sentimental affairs flourishing of twists (which began in 1992 with the decision to leave his girlfriend at the time one step away from the wedding), the famous Livorno sportsman had embarked on a story in 2017 with Ambra Angiolini. Everything seemed to be going well, so much so that the two of them planned to get married in 2019.

However, it seems that the fateful day never came. For sure, the now ex couple had started a cohabitation, but after a short time, exactly in October 2021, Allegri and the former starlet of It is not Rai they broke up after the news of an alleged betrayal by him. Now, according to the photos published by the magazine directed by Alfonso Signorini, for the coach this summer 2022 would be passing under the sign of a new flirt. But who is the woman with whom he was ‘caught’ by the paparazzi?

Massimiliano Allegri finds love again: who is his new flame

The end of the liaison with Angiolini did not pass at all only silence, above all following the Golden Tapiro that Strip the News promptly delivered to the actress. An episode that sparked a lot of controversy as Amber was the ‘injured party’, according to rumors that circulated at that time.

Unfortunately, not much is known about the beautiful woman who would have won the heart of the well-known 55-year-old Tuscan: she has no social profiles and is rather reserved. At the moment, they know his name, which he responds to Nina Lange Barresiand the few rumors provided by the service on Who.

According to the magazine, it would appear that Nina lives in Swiss (right where she was paparazzi together with Allegri) and that her profession is far from the football fields and from the TV. In fact, he would work as a financial consultant. No official confirmation has arrived for now from those directly involved, but who knows that they may not decide to come out when we least expect it. What is certain and evident is the attractiveness of Allegri’s alleged partner: tall, dark-haired and with a slender and athletic physique, she does not go unnoticed at all. From the photo, he also seems to be quite young.

Massimiliano Allegri
Massimiliano Allegri paparazzato new girlfriend (Credits: Instagram)

Could this be the right time for the well-known Juventus coach? Do you like them together?