New health problems for Pope Francis: “I have a bit of bronchitis”

Still some health problems for Pope Francis, as he communicated this morning to a group of French communicators: “I would like to read the whole speech but I have a problem, a bit of bronchitis”. The Pontiff, although with a breathless voice, had nevertheless delivered the speeches planned in the two previous audiences.

“I entrust you with my dreams”

Before the conversation with the French communicators, Pope Francis had already given a speech to the Toniolo Young Professional Association, underlining how: “Wars are the result of prolonged relations of force, without a precise beginning and without a certain end. But where are the companies bold, daring visions? And where can they come from, if not from young and fearless hearts, which welcome the good within themselves and grasp the Gospel as it is, to write new pages of brotherhood and hope? This is yours profession, your vocation,” said the Dad to the young people. “How many other aspects, such as the economy, the fight against hunger, the production and trade of weapons, this is bad – Bergoglio highlighted again -, the climate issue, communication, the world of work, and many others, have need renewal and creativity? I entrust to you these dreams of an old man, which I am. Here we say old – he said, commenting on the written text in front of him – but I say old because it is understood better”.