New look for Serena Autieri: she showed herself just like that

Serena Autieri renews the look: in the last few hours the actress has shown herself just like that on social media.

We saw Serena Autieri in early 2022 in Three sisters, film released on January 27 on Prime Video. She played Marina and together with her other great actresses were part of the cast, Giulia Bevilacqua, Chiara Francini and Rocio Munoz Morales. This is just one of the many roles she has brought to the stage, since she started acting she has dressed very different characters.

Serena Autieri, look (credits: instgaram)

In addition to landing in the world of acting, she has also established herself as a presenter and singer. For example, we recently saw her at the helm of the program Dedicated. It was 1998 when she appears on the small screen as an actress, many of her will remember her in the soap opera A place in the sun that she had debuted two years earlier. While at the cinema she debuted in 2004.

Years have passed since her debut on the big and small screen, today she is among the most loved and appreciated actresses. She is breathtakingly beautiful, in the last few days she has decided to renew her look. On social media, she has posted videos in the stories while the ‘change’ takes place. He shows himself first as a hairdresser while the renewal is in progress and in the next ig it appears with the new look.

Serena Autieri has decided to renew the look: here is the actress with her new hair

Since Serena Autieri made her debut in the world of acting she is always very busy between films on the small screen and on the big screen. After her debut as an actress, she arrives at the conduction. We also know that her singing is also part of her great gifts. Several times in the broadcasts of her we have seen her sing and we could hear her voice always of her.

On her instagram profile she is followed by over 500 thousand followers. In the last few shots she is photographed in characteristic places. There are photos in which she is at the sea and others in which she reveals that she is in the Dolomites. The actress apparently is very fond of the place: “2752 meters of freedom “, he writes in an image where he sports a dazzling smile and stretches his arms up as if to absorb that freedom mentioned. Among her last posts there is also a photo of her with her husband, the manager Enrico Griselli and her daughter. Serena is very popular, so fans will not have missed the new look. In fact, the actress in her instagram stories showed that she was at the hairdresser’s and in the following she showed her new hair.

serena autieri look
Serena Autieri, hairstyle (credits: instagram)

It would seem that she has cut her hair a little, as she herself says: “Shall we cut? Short shorts “. It actually looks like he cut them but not a lot. She then chose a wavy crease that gives a lot to his face. We must add that Serena goes well with any hairstyle, her is a characteristic beauty.