New love for Antonino Spinalbese? His flame is well known

After the end of his relationship with Belen Rodriguez, does Antonino Spinalbese have a new love? His flame is well known.

Just over a year ago, Belen Rodriguez ed Antonino Spinalbese they could not wait to become parents, swearing eternal love, but today their paths have definitely separated. Their love story came to an end a few months after the birth of little Luna Marì and the reason that prompted them to make this decision has only now been revealed.

New love for Antonino Spinalbese? The alleged flame would be well known. Credits: Instagram

Having archived her love story with Antonino Spinalbese, Belen Rodriguez retraced her steps. And to date, although there is still no social confirmation, the Argentine showgirl and presenter has returned to pair with her ex-husband Stefano De Martino. What do we know, however, about the former hairstylist? Did he too, like his ex-partner, find his sentimental serenity? Apparently, he would seem so! Only a few weeks ago, the very young Spinalbese was paparazzi in the company of a beautiful woman. Now, as Whoopsee also points out, it would seem that Antoninus has a new love. Among other things, his alleged flame would be really well known.

Antonino Spinalbese, new love for Belen Rodriguez’s ex? Who would be his flame

Not only Belen Rodriguez, who with Stefano De Martino would seem to be really serious, but also Antonino Spinalbese would seem to have found a new love. According to some social ‘clues’, immediately reported by Whoopsee, it would seem that the former hairstylist has a new flame. And that she has not lost the opportunity to share some moments spent with her on her social networks.

It is precisely through a series of IG stories that Antonino Spinalbese not only made it clear that he was in the company of a girl, but also who she was. At first with the necklace and, later, with a bracelet, it was easily understood that the young man’s new flame could be Giulia Tordini. Isn’t her name new to you at all? How to blame you! She is the founder of a famous jewelry brand.

new love from Spinalba
Credits: Instagram

As shown above, this silhouette shared by Giulia would rather be attributable to that of Antonino Spinalbese. At the moment, neither of the two directly concerned has uttered a word, but one thing is certain: if they are roses, they will bloom!