New offices for Birra Peroni in Rome, spaces redesigned to put people at the wellness center

This morning, in the presence of the Councilor for Productive Activities and Equal Opportunities of Rome Monica Lucarelli, of the Vice President of the Lazio Region Daniele Leodori, of the President of the V Municipality of Rome Mauro Caliste, were inauguration of the renovated spaces of the offices of the Birra Peroni headquarters, in Rome in via Birolli 8. The spirit that the company had in renovating its offices was that of create a workplace that could best intercept the post-emergency restart phase, accelerating the digital and ecological transition. With this project, explains a note, Birra Peroni confirms the attention towards a reconciliation between the work and personal needs of its collaborators, an integral part of its corporate culture, as well as workplace safety considered a priority value.

“The restyling we are inaugurating today aims to offer a real response to the needs dictated by the rapid affirmation of new working models. The experience of the Covid pandemic has shown us how the unexpected change of context can affect some dynamics and help accelerate them. The restructuring of our offices aims to provide people with an open and inclusive meeting and discussion placewhich interacts with the surrounding reality and its changes in a sustainable way “, he declares Enrico Galassomanaging director of Birra Peroni.

The project was curated by the GBPA Architects studio of architects Antonio Gioli and Federica De Leva in partnership with the Revalue studio of Cristiana Cutrona and built by Tétris, a leading international company in the design and construction of spaces in design x build mode. The improvement of the sustainability performance of spaces and the well-being of people. In addition to guaranteeing better comfort in terms of temperature, air quality, acoustics and lighting, the structural interventions will allow a 45% reduction in water consumption, 35% savings on energy and 33% reduction of CO2 emissions, aiming to obtain the LEED gold level certification. A contribution to achieving the goal of zero emissions by 2030 in all production sites, indicated by Birra Peroni’s Legacy 2030 sustainability plan.

The interventionfor which 2.2 million euros were invested, represents the first phase of a large project that is divided and completed in two successive phases, which will concern two other buildings of the Birra Peroni headquarters. An action plan that will lead to the creation of a more sustainable and interconnected work ecosystem, focused on sharing, collaboration, inclusion and the well-being of people. The renewal of the offices, together with the investments that recently concerned the Rome plant – 5.2 million euros for the implementation of the production capacity and for the development of the no-alcohol line – testify and confirm, also in the future , the centrality of the production site in the corporate strategy of Birra Peroni, and its role within the economic and working fabric of the capital and Lazio in general.

The Rome offices and the plant occupy an area of ​​approximately 200,000 square meters, employing over 350 collaborators, and have an average annual production capacity of up to 3 million hectoliters, capable of contributing over 40% to the direct and indirect economic value generated. by Birra Peroni in Italy.

“Rome is proud to be able to inaugurate these new Birra Peroni offices. It is essential for the city to continue to support companies that innovate and invest in the area ”, said Monica Lucarelli, Rome’s Councilor for Production Activities and Equal Opportunities. “I want to congratulate Birra Peroni for being one of the first Italian companies to rethink its headquarters and offices based on the new needs of the labor market. The way of working is changing, as a result we have to start rethinking and designing new spaces. This is an example of what we will have to do: places that are increasingly sustainable and interconnected with the territory around them “declared Daniele Leodori, Vice President of the Lazio Region

“Since the Birra Peroni plants were inaugurated in Tor Sapienza in 1973, they have employed three generations of employees. To date, there are 350 workers here, many of whom live in our territory together with their families ”, declared Mauro Caliste, President of the V Municipality of Rome.

Peroni Beer born in 1846 and a symbol of Made in Italy on a global level, it is now part of the multinational group Asahi Holdings, present in 5 continents and 90 markets. Present in Italy with more than 750 employees, three production plants – Rome, Bari and Padua – and a Malteria, Saplo di Pomezia, it has an annual production that exceeds 6 million hectoliters, of which over 2 million are exported. Birra Peroni is committed to defining standards of excellence for sustainable growth, responsible alcohol consumption, a conscious use of raw materials and respect for the communities in which it operates. As part of the Asahi Group, Birra Peroni adheres to the Sustainable Development Goals sanctioned by the UN with the Legacy 2030 program which commits all the companies of the group to the achievement of challenging objectives in terms of carbon neutrality, sustainable sourcing, inclusion & diversity and responsible consumption .