New season for Sky Motors, F1, MotoGP and more, lots of new features and over 320 races

Perrelli: “The engines for Sky are the flagship”

The season of seasons is starting in the Sky Motor House. Together and everywhere: on TV, in streaming and on digital channels, Sky Sport’s 2023 engines will be more open, connected, social, on the track, in the paddock, to closely follow the protagonists. Everything is ready for a dizzying season, with over 320 races in 43 weekends and more than 1,600 hours of live programming, 400 of which are studies and features.

Formula 1, MotoGP, Superbike, Formula E, World Rally Championship, NTT Indycar Series, Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe, the novelty of the World Endurance Championship and many other championships, all to be experienced live on Sky (also on the go on Sky Go), streaming on NOW, with a selection of events also free-to-air on TV8. Sky’s 2023 Motors season has its first novelty in a more open approach that flows into all communication platforms.

“Welcome to the Casa dello Sport, it is not a slogan but a fact, we transmit 22 disciplines and within this huge container, engines are our flagship. Any international competition on 4 or 2 wheels it’s only on Sky and this is an incredible exclusive and to this we add value with sky touch, our investment in talent, our journalists and talent, and investments in technology and reliability, which is even more important today. being able to enjoy our content on satellite, streaming with Now and with Sky Go. We have been sending sports and non-sports content in streaming for 13 years. And speaking of birthdays, Sky turns 20, Sky has been the reference point for 20 years of sport in Italy”. These were the words of Marzio Perrelli, Executive Vice President of Sky Italia during the presentation of the new season of Sky Motori at the Monza racetrack. F1 and MotoGP are the main appu results of over 320 races in 43 weekends. “For F1 we ​​have already announced the incredible agreement at group level, we will have the exclusive F1 until 2027, a content that is growing as different audiences, especially among women and young people. Let’s hope for a championship for Ferrari that is always very avant-garde, and I also saw a beautiful livery from Alfa Romeo. This year there will also be Las Vegas. For the MotoGp we have world champion Italian bikes and riders, we will have sprint races and a rivalry between the teams and we are there until 2025 for now”, added Perrelli.

F1, which has opened live broadcasts in recent days with the broadcast of tests also on Youtube, is enriched with a new social column on the morning of the race with Federica Masolin and Davide Valsecchi. The coverage of the areas of interest also increases on the track. From this year, in fact, Sky will have a privileged line with some Team Principals who will be able to intervene directly in the news from their pit lane walls. Ex-racer Ivan Capelli joins the narration and comments on the season in the role of host and expert television analyst.

The MotoGp inaugurates its new musical identity in 2023. In fact, the friendly collaboration with Jovanotti continues who, together with Guido Meda, identified the new MotoGP theme song in the song “Si fa bello per te”. The piece has the right words, has rhythm and energy, makes heavy use of bass and has a refrain and chorus that stick with the first listen. The first GP in Portugal will also see the birth of the column “Parto in Quarta”, which in the pre-race will feature Fabio Quartararo who will talk about himself and the race he is about to face. And again: the novelty of the Sprint Race will be broadcast live and unencrypted also on TV8 in the first 6 races of the season. Ivan Capelli is the new talent of Sky motori. On some occasions he will comment on the races and will also reinforce the Sky Anatomy team. It was announced in Monza during the presentation of Sky Motori. “It was a beautiful emotion, it was like going home. I started Tele+ and with Vanzini it was like meeting again on the first day of school. An 8-hour debut was not simple but beautiful and fun,” said Ivan Capelli.

On the dedicated channels Sky Sport F1, Sky Sport MotoGP, as well as on Sky Sport Arena and on the other Sky channels that will tell the story of the main two- and four-wheel motor championships, total coverage, enriched by always top technology, with Formula 1 in 4K, the on-site Sky Truck for the European MotoGP races and the new even more immersive pre- and post-race studio for all the others, as well as the story of the super editorial team, led by Guido Meda.

Race after race, a season to be experienced at 360 degrees, on and off the track, at the weekend and throughout the week, thanks to the columns and insights. Double the original productions dedicated to the great themes and great personalities of motorsport, ranging from sport to products and also to tourism (also available on demand on Sky and NOW). In fact, Clinica Mobile, medicine for the soul, Dainese Master Experience in Patagonia, a special on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Lamborghini legend, Rally School and Let’s Drive with the Toyota sports range and a series of monographic interviews with great personalities are already in production of sport aboard an off-road Land Rover.