New shocking sentence to GF Vip: you can hear clearly, indignant public

New shocking sentence to GF Vip: you can hear clearly, public indignant at what happened after yesterday’s episode.

An edition where the twists are around the corner, that of GF Vip currently airing on Canale 5. The most watched reality show on television has only started a few weeks ago, but everything has already happened in the Cinecittà House. As in last night’s episode.

GF Vip 7 (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

Yesterday, Monday 10 October 2022, a new prime-time appointment was aired: a long live broadcast in which various topics were addressed, including the story of Mark Caltagirone and Pamela Prati. An eventful episode, but, as often happens, even the post episode was not peaceful. In particular, there is a sentence spoken by one of the contestants which has not gone unnoticed. A sentence that was recorded by viewers: the video went viral in a very short time and indignant a large slice of the public. Let’s find out what happened.

The sentence of the competitor of the GF Vip goes around the web: what happened

The adventure of the Vippos continues inside the house of the GF Vip. An adventure undoubtedly shaken by what happened to Marco Bellavia and the consequent measures taken by the GF: just yesterday, the former face of Bim Bum Bam sent a new message to his former roommates. Yesterday evening, however, something else also happened.

During the evening, as always, there was a televoting in progress, which made it the favorite of the public this week. Out of eight competitors, the winner was once again Antonella Fiordelisi, very excited for the affection she is receiving from viewers. As a favorite, however, Salerno was given the task of choosing one among others nominated to be sent immediately to televoting eliminatory of the next episode. Antonella chose Gegia and it is precisely the latter that, in the post episode, has let herself go to a phrase that has not escaped the fans.

There was talk of nominations and, during a chat with Carolina Marconi in the living room, Gegia exclaims: “or I did not take votes, I was sent directly to the z ***** etta“. A phrase that is not liked at all by many viewers: the video, which went viral in particular on Twitter, is causing a lot of discussion.

gf vip phrase
Gegia at GF Vip (Credits Mediaset Play)

Something tells us that the already cracked relationship between Antonella and Gegia will not improve in the coming days. Recall that Gegia is officially on televoting with Attilio Romita, Sofia Giaele De Donà, Charlie Gnocchi and Nikita Pelizon. One of them, the least saved by the public, will definitely leave the house on Thursday evening. And you, who would you like to see still in the house and who would you prefer to go out?