New stop for Pogba

Juventus continues to have to do without their midfielder

The season of Paul Pogba looks more and more like an ordeal. After the news of the Frenchman’s new injury, the Bianconeri’s medical staff is back on alert.

This time the Octopus’s stop would seem to have been only precautionary and the player should only be out for a few days. But since this summer, when Pogba was injured in training in the US, 193 days have gone by without playing. For this reason, Juventus now seem to be wondering about the present and future of Pogba who hasn’t played an official match since April 19 with United.

In reality, the midfielder’s injury shouldn’t be serious. The former Manchester player arrived at the pitch yesterday morning complaining of a little discomfort but injuries were ruled out. For this Pogba has tried to train continue to accuse problems. During the session, the Juventus medical staff decided to stop his training and keep him at rest.

To date, the heavy agreement signed by Juve with Pogba’s agents to bring him back to zero in Italy has not borne fruit. for Adnkronos