New US raid against Houthis in Yemen. Biden: “Attacks will continue”

The raid marks the fifth time in a week that the United States has conducted operations against the Iran-backed group. The president: “Raids so far haven’t stopped them”

New US raid against Houthi targets in Yemen. According to CNN, The attack today targeted a small number of anti-ship missiles that were poised to be fired at international commercial vessels sailing in the Red Sea. The raid represents the fifth time in a week that the United States has conducted operations against the Iran-backed group, starting with a raid conducted last Thursday by US and UK forces that hit approximately 30 targets.

Biden: “US raids will continue”

US raids against the Houthis will continue until they stop attacks on shipping in the Red Sea. President Joe Biden makes it clear that the attacks will continue after the actions of recent days. Biden, answering questions from journalists at the White House before leaving for North Carolina, admits so far that the raids conducted by the US and UK have not achieved the desired results.

“When you say they are working, they are stopping the Houthis, no,” the president says, adding that the raids “will continue”. Yesterday there was the fourth wave of missiles, launched from ships and submarines, against Houthi targets, after the United States announced that it had once again included the Yemeni rebel group on the global terrorist list.

The international picture is characterized by tension between Pakistan and Iran. “Iran is not particularly well-regarded in the region,” Bide says. “What direction will this go? We’re studying it, I don’t know,” he adds.

The spokesperson of the National Security Council, John Kirby, specifies that Washington “is monitoring very, very carefully” the situation. “We clearly do not want to see an escalation in South Central Asia – he adds, speaking to journalists on board Air Force One – and we are in contact with our Pakistani interlocutors”.

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Biden does not even appear worried about the possibility that his unconditional support for Israel could cause him to lose votes among the Arab American and Muslim communities, recalling that Trump has promised to reintroduce the ban on entry into the US from Muslim countries. The president expresses optimism that an agreement can be reached in Congress to release the $61 billion in military aid to Ukraine, saying that “the majority of Republicans” support this aid.

“I believe a vast majority of members of Congress support aid to Ukraine, the question is whether or not a minority could block it, which would be a disaster,” Biden says, in a clear reference to the far-right Republicans and the Speaker Mike Johnson. In any case, she highlights, the meeting with the Republican leader and other congressional leaders yesterday “went well”.