New weather alert, today too there is a bad weather alert

Orange and yellow alert in Emilia Romagna, yellow also in Lombardy, Veneto, Molise, Puglia

There is still a bad weather warning today, Sunday 3 December, in Italy. For Emilia Romagna the situation still remains at risk: there is an orange alert for moderate hydraulic risk in the Modena plain and yellow in the Reggio Emilia plain and Po Reggio Emilia plain. Yellow weather alert also in Lombardy in the eastern lower plain and in the Veneto (Livenza, Lemene and Tagliamento, Adige-Garda and Lessini mountains). Also yellow for storm risk in Molise (Litoranea), Puglia (Basso Fortore, Gargano and Tremiti, Tavoliere – lower Candelaro basins, Cervaro and Carapelle) and for idogeological risk in Emilia Romagna (Central Emilian mountains, Piacenza-Parma high hills, Mountain Bolognese and Molise (Litoranea) according to the latest Civil Protection bulletin.

The situation has been critical since yesterday. The level of the Po river rose by almost 2 metres, a snowstorm hit Sondrio, storm surges and flooding occurred in Marina di Pisa. Roofs uncovered and window frames torn off houses in the province of Campobasso in Molise. Two injured in a circus in the Republic of San Marino.

Hundreds of firefighters intervened in Emilia Romagna and Molise due to trees falling on cars.