“New year, new haircut”: Amici’s former face revolutionizes his look

“New year, new cut”: the former face of Amici di Maria De Filippi revolutionizes his look and shows the result on social networks; here’s what she did.

The 22nd edition of friendi continues not without controversy. The serious events that took place in the cottage during New Year’s Eve have upset the life of the pupils in the school: several punishments have already been adopted and we don’t know if it ended here. Waiting to find out what will happen in the next few days, let’s take a step back, exactly two editions ago. When, on the most famous track on TV, she performed, Rose of Grace.

Rosa di Amici (Credits Youtube) Sologossip

One of the absolute protagonists of the 20th edition of the talent show of Canale, the Neapolitan dancer arrived until the evening, supported by her teacher Lorella Cuccarini (and a little less by Alessandra Celentano). In school, she fell in love with singer Deddy, but their romance didn’t last long after the program ended. Years later, Rosa continues to be super-followed by fans, even on social networks, and it is precisely there that, a few days ago, she shared her ‘head shot’. The Neapolitan dancer welcomed the new year with un new cut: Curious to see how it turned out? Little spoiler: she is beautiful!

Amici’s former dancer changes her look: as she showed on social media

The twentieth edition of Amici was one of the most loved by the Canale 5 audience. Many talents emerged thanks to that edition, starting with the winner Giulia Stabile and the runner-up, her boyfriend Sangiovanni. And in the same year, in the school, she was there too, Rose of Grace. The dancer was one of the absolute protagonists of the talent show, where she managed to get to the evening, conquering a large share of the public. Who still follows and supports her today, as can also be seen by taking a look at her very popular social channel.

On Instagram, Rosa has almost 420,000 followers, with whom she shares the highlights of her days. And, a few days ago, the former talent student posted some shots in which she showed her change of her look. “New year, new cut”Rosa wrote accompanying the post shared on Instagram, in which she showed him her new hairstyle.

The beautiful ballerina revolutionized her look by choosing one parade bangs, very light, which frames the face. The final result is ‘wow’ and many compliments have arrived for Di Grazia. An avalanche of likes and comments, full of words of affection for Amici’s ex, who has remained in the hearts of the fans. Curious to see her new look? Take a look:

pink makeover
Pink with the new cut (Credits Instagram) Sologossip

Oh yes, a real splendor! Rosa looks lovely with her new cut, which has been super promoted by fans. And you, what do you think of the new look of the wonderful dancer?