New year, new national team logo: ”after the bitterness of missing the World Cup’

For the first time, it will be accompanied by 3 seconds of sound

“The FIGC completes its rebranding process by presenting today the new Scudetto and the sound identity of the Italian national football teams: the logo merges into a single vision with the institutional one, together with a musical system that goes from the sound logo to all the declinations that will be reproduced on each touchpoint, physical and digital”. The Football Federation writes it in a note.

“We are ready for the future. Today – declares the president of the FIGC Gabriele Gravina – we present the new image of the national teams; with the new shield and with a specific sound identity, created for the first time in history, we are entering a new dimension, but always with the desire and pride of generating extraordinary emotions in all fans. Those same emotions that helped create the new emblem that will stand out on the shirts, innovating a glorious tradition, and that inspired the brand new sound logo and song ‘Azzurri’”.

“Created by Independent Ideas, the creative agency of the Publicis Groupe, which oversaw the rebranding of the FIGC which began with the creation of the institutional logo in October 2021, it celebrates a symbol of the country, and is the expression of the feelings and passion of all Italian fans, who in the coming days will also have the opportunity to get to know the new national team shirt, born from the partnership with adidas, which has been officially partner of the Azzurre since yesterday”.

“For the launch of the logo, in recent days, the social profiles of the FIGC have highlighted some emotions combined with images that symbolize the history of the national team: desire, such as the one that led the Azzurri to victory in the 2006 World Cup; trust , such as that of a coach and a group protagonist of the triumph at the 2020 European Championship; the amazement, such as the unanimous one for Totti’s ‘spoon’ in 2000; and finally the joy, that of an entire country celebrating, as every time that the Azzurri raise a cup to the sky”.

“The same emotions were expressed on the social media profiles of the women’s national teams combined in this case with the history of the Azzurre: Girelli’s amazement after the goal against Jamaica in the 2019 World Cup; the joy of Bonansea after the brace on his debut against Australia in the same tournament; the desire of the Under 19 girls who in 2009 won the Azzurre’s only international trophy, the European Championship; Panico’s confidence in scoring for Germany at the 1999 World Cup in his gaze towards Carta, to symbolize all the generations of female players who have made the history of Italian women’s football”.

“From these feelings, and from those that every Italian fan feels when the Azzurra shirt takes to the field, the new championship of the Italian national football team is born, #creatodalleemozioni, as stated in the claim chosen for the launch of the campaign, which began in the days with a series of teasers on social media.Revealed today, the Scudetto logo ushers in 2023 football, the year that will lead to the 2023 Nations League Finals, in June (draw on 25 January in Nyon, UEFA headquarters), and which will lead towards the 2024 European Championship, through the Qualifiers starting in March (debut in group C on the 23rd at the “Maradona” in Naples with England), and represents a starting point for a new chapter in the glorious history of the Azzurre Teams, which aims to return as such, after the bitterness of the absence from the World Cup that has just ended”.

Signed by Inarea Identity Design, an Italian company with international experience in design and brand identity, under the artistic direction of Enrico Giaretta, it is a real musical system, divided into various elements: from the sound logo of the new shield, which in 3″ summarizes the passion for the Azzurri and the Azzurri in which from today all the supporters of the national teams will be able to identify, passing through all the declinations foreseen for the various touchpoints, physical and digital, up to the complete song, entitled “Azzurri”, composed and produced by Enrico Giaretta and Maurizio D’Aniello, who will accompany the national teams.

The concept devised is “The sound of a nation beating as one”, with which we want to enclose, in two simple notes, all the values ​​that Italian football has been transmitting for 125 years. The two notes identified as peculiar to the FIGC DNA, subsequently modulated in the sound theme, have a strongly emotional character. Hence, the choice to embellish it with the voice of soprano Susanna Rigacci, already known for her historic collaborations with Maestro Ennio Morricone.