New Year’s Eve 2024, the Estense Castle “burns” in Ferrara

Everything is ready and confirmed for the great event of the fire of the Estense Castle in Ferrara, which every year attracts 30 thousand visitors to the city to greet together, to the sound of music and fireworks, the beginning of the new year on the night of December 31st (WATCH THE NEW YEAR’S SPECIAL). The methods for accessing the Castle area and attending the fireworks and musical show which simulates the fire of the historic building symbol of the UNESCO heritage city are online on the dedicated portal and on the tourist site . The event is made possible thanks to a commitment between public and private: the event, in fact, is completely free, and is organized by Ferrara Expo and promoted by the Municipality of Ferrara.


“The fireworks and musical show of the fire of the Castle in Ferrara aims to be a great celebration for the city and for those who have chosen it to welcome the new year. It is a maxi event that intends to involve 30 thousand spectators and on which, in these days of preparations, three hundred people have worked tirelessly. I thank the many activities, mainly in the area, for their commitment and dedication to making this collective event possible to welcome 2024″, says Mayor Alan Fabbri. The event. The gates will be open from 9.30pm. As emerged from the provisions of the order and safety committee, starting from 8.30 pm and until the opening it will be necessary to exit the area delimited by the gates in order to carry out the clean-up by the police, after which everyone will be able to return through for the manned gates. From 10pm there will be a DJ set by Eddy Dj and from 11.15pm he will take the stage in Piazza Castello for the first time, close to Piazza Repubblica. “I want to go back to the 90s”, a format that has been successful throughout Italy. The most beautiful songs of the legendary musical decade will liven up the night before and after the fire show, as well as a DJ set. At 11.55pm the countdown will begin and, at midnight sharp, the fireworks show will start which will last about 20 minutes, to the rhythm of music. The musical evening will continue until 2 am and there are no seats available. Personnel in charge will check that glass, cans, bottles and other objects capable of causing possible damage or offense are not introduced. Also committed to protecting the spectacle and the monumental heritage of the Castle are the police, the local police, the firefighters, the operators of the Red Cross and 118.