New Year’s Eve, Germany values ​​a maximum of 10 people

The federal government and regional governments evaluate contact restrictions even for vaccinated and recovered people

Covid today Germany, the German federal government and regional governments are considering imposing contact restrictions also for the vaccinated and recovered, limiting private meetings to a maximum of ten people starting December 28. The aim of the proposal is to limit the celebrations for the New Year.

The new restrictions will be examined tomorrow in the meeting between the new chancellor Olaf Scholz and the prime ministers of the 16 German lands. The ten person limit should be valid both indoors and outdoors, excluding children under 14 from the account. If there is an unvaccinated person, it will be possible to combine a maximum of two families. A ceiling is also being considered for participants in public events inside and outside, but for the moment they are not specified in the draft proposal. “I want to set up a consensual approach. This is important, especially now,” Scholz said today in his press conference in Rome, referring to tomorrow’s meeting.