New Year’s Eve in Capri, between concerts, films and cultural traditions

“New Year’s Eve in Capri is going home, to your first love. We are very ready to say goodbye to 2023 here, we have already kicked off numerous events; loyal tourists, actors and VIPs are already arriving and the lighting is among the most beautiful”. Marino Lembo, mayor of Capri, speaks to Adnkronos. “The weather plays an exceptional role – he adds – in these beautiful days, the island is splendid, you can discover it differently, with walks, and the 27th edition of Capri Hollywood also started yesterday, the event founded and produced by Pascal Vicedomini with over 200 screenings, including films, documentaries, shorts and feature films until January 2. The great international film festival this year is dedicated to Peppino di Capri, the army band played ‘Champagne ‘ in his honour. And there will also be island folk groups, to rediscover our cultural tradition”.

“We were among the first to have a New Year’s party in the square, it is in the heart of Capri that we wait for midnight and then continue the celebrations with music”, says the mayor. Also tomorrow, in the former cathedral church of Santo Stefano, Lembo recalls the ‘grand New Year’s concert’ by the Ukrainian Kharkiv Chamber Orchestra. “I really like that people come here to feel good, to feel at home: that’s why we thought about enriching the program as much as possible”.

Among the guests expected on the blue island are the Undersecretary for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi, the Oscar winners Alessandro Bertolazzi and Gianni Quaranta; directors Terry Gilliam, Cinzia Th Torrini, Cosimo Gomez, Valerio Esposito, E Stefano Reali; screenwriter Enrico Vanzina; the actors Remo Girone with Victoria Zinny, Sebastian Harrison, Livia Pillmann, Alessio Lapice, Francesca Tizzano, Ralph Palka, Leopoldo Mastelloni, Bruno Bilotta, Alessandro Egger, Andrea Scarduzio Tommaso Basili, Didi Anderson. And again, the Israeli singer Noa with the master Gil d’Or, Christophe Guillarme; the casting directors Francesco Vedovati and Barbara Giordani; American singer Nicole Slack Jones, dancer Tove Vilfor; French designer and Cuban supermodel Maylin Aguirre.