New Year’s Eve, Italian Pyrotechnic Association: “Post-pandemic recovery but mayoral ordinances do not help”

Nobile Viviano: “Fighting the producers of illegal barrels, not those who produce fireworks in compliance with the rules”

“We are experiencing a crisis as happens to all sectors, due to the historical moment. We are in the post-covid recovery phase, but very slow, also because people’s savings are destined for something else, certainly not for fireworks : there is a small increase in sales in this period, due to holidays and especially the approaching New Year’s Eve”. This is what Nobile Viviano, president of the Italian Pyrotechnic Association (Asspi) affirms to Adnkronos regarding the situation of fireworks sales. “It should be emphasized that due to the pandemic we have had two years of total shutdown, we are recovering with difficulty from an 80% drop in turnover, and the companies in the supply chain do not have the availability they once did, also because there is there is a lack of raw materials, which for this sector come from China where the production capacity has dropped considerably given the current situation.And above all -continues Nobile Viviano- costs have increased, so as to increase the price of the product by 30-40 % more than last year: raw materials increase, transport increases and therefore the price of the product on the market also increases”.

“To the crisis for the historical moment we must add the ordinances of the mayors, which among other things the Lazio and Lombardy Tars have declared illegitimate: the sale of fireworks cannot be prohibited without making a fair distinction. mayors intend to oppose the sale of illegal fires, which are very dangerous, but the bans do not affect the illegal producers, who continue to sell, but us who produce fires in compliance with the rules and regulations in force. very rigid in terms of quality and safety. the grass a bundle”.

“Pyrotechnic games, even the most harmless ones such as the little stars, must in any case be handled with care, according to the instructions on the packaging – underlines Nobile Viviano – because they can become dangerous if not used with due care. And this also applies to the protection of animals and the environment: they must be handled safely, without harming the animals and respecting the environment once used.I believe that a comparison is needed between the different parties involved in the problem to try to understand that we are not the ones causing injuries, to frighten dogs or cats or to pollute”.

(by Giselda Curzi)