New York sues 17 bus companies that transfer migrants from Texas

Requested compensation of 708 million dollars

The city of New York sues 17 transportation companies involved in moving migrants from Texas, seeking damages of $708 million. “The city has always done and will always do its part to manage this humanitarian crisis but cannot bear the costs of unscrupulous political schemes of the state of Texas,” said the Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, pointing the finger at the governor Republican and Trumpian, Greg Abbott.

The announcement was made after the Democratic mayors of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, and Denver, Mike Johnson, in a joint interview, acknowledged the “crisis” at the country’s southern border, accusing Abbott of creating “further chaos”, coordinating planes and buses full of migrants towards their cities.

“Today we are launching a lawsuit against companies that participated in Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan to transport tens of thousands of migrants to New York City in an attempt to overthrow our social services system,” he added. “These companies violated state law by not covering the costs of caring for these migrants and that is why we are seeking compensation for the money already spent on the care of migrants shipped here over the past two years from Texas.”

Since Abbott kicked off Operation Lone Star in August 2022, 33,600 migrants have been sent to New York. The accused companies made millions of dollars from the ‘trafficking’ of refugees, “in implementation of the governor’s plans”. Abbott defends himself by citing the commerce clause of the Constitution, on the constitutional right of travel recognized by the Supreme Court. “Every migrant transported to NYC did so voluntarily, after having been authorized by the Biden Administration to remain in the US.”

Johnson announced that there are 35,000 migrants who have arrived in Denver who “we have helped to integrate successfully” and to work “which is what they want”. “But we don’t want people arriving at two in the morning in front of the municipality at the county, with women and children outside in the freezing cold and without support”, he added, asking that the buses “do like all the other buses, that is that they arrive at a bus station at a decent time, when we can organize a reception.”