New York Times against Financial Times: “He buried a scoop on harassment at the Guardian”

It is a battle between the two great newspapers New York Times and Financial Times. The American newspaper has revealed that the British economic newspaper would have hidden “a potentially explosive scoop” from one of its female reporters on the alleged harassment of a reporter from the Guardian, another British newspaper, against some of her colleagues.

The American version

According to the NYT, Financial Times reporter Madison Marriage had evidence that Nick Cohen, a leftist columnist at the Manchester newspaper, had resigned in January over years of sexual harassment of female journalists at his newspaper. However, the scoop was never published. According to reports from the New York Times, the editor of the Financial Times, Roula Khalaf, “killed the scoop”. The American newspaper interviewed a dozen journalists from the financial daily, including seven women, verifying their versions. Khalaf allegedly justified her decision on the grounds that Cohen didn’t have the profile to make him a “Financial Times story.”

The #MeToo movement

According to the New York Times, this story shows the “complicated relationship of the British media with the #MeToo movement”: in fact, according to the NYT, there would have been no “showdown”, unlike what happened in the main newsrooms Americans, from Fox News to Cnn, from Nbc to Nyt itself. The journalist in question, Cohen, resigned in January citing “health reasons” but, according to the NYT, the Guardian secretly paid him to leave in a confidential agreement.