New York, use ChatGpt for legal searches: lawyer ends up in court

A New York lawyer has been summoned to court following the use of the ChatGPT artificial intelligence platform in research related to a legal case. During the hearing, the judge raised the issue of six judgments cited by the lawyer that turned out to be false. The lawyer said he was unaware of the unreliability of the content produced by artificial intelligence.


Among the cases mentioned was that of a man who filed a lawsuit against an airline for personal injury. The team of lawyers had filed a document citing past rulings that would have justified the lawsuit, but the airline discovered that no such rulings existed. Eventually it emerged that the defense attorney, Steven A. Schwartz, with over 30 years of experience, had used ChatGPT to do background searches. The lawyer defended himself by claiming that he had never used the chatbox before and assured that he would never again use artificial intelligence to “integrate” his searches without verifying the authenticity of the contents.