Newborn baby abandoned in the freezing cold in a shopping bag, rescued by a passerby

The little girl was found on the street in Newham, east London, wrapped in a towel

Wrapped in a towel. ‘Relaxed’ in a shopping bag. Thus a newborn baby girl was found in Newham, in east London, where temperatures are freezing. She was found by a person walking their dog, who kept the little girl warm until the paramedics arrived.

The Police, reports the BBC, assure that the little girl is safe, in hospital and the person who found her “helped save her life” by keeping her warm and now “my thoughts go to the little girl’s mother” with fears for his health “since he will have gone through a dramatic moment and will need immediate medical attention after birth”.

For Newham, unfortunately, the little girl’s story is only the latest. It is the third time, she reminds the BBC, that a newborn baby has been found here in four years, after the case of a little girl left in a park in February 2019 and a boy found along a road in January 2020.

Elsa is the name given by the hospital staff to the little girl found in the last few hours in Newham. She is believed to have been born less than an hour when she was rescued. The Police received the report last night around 9.15pm.

“We believe that Elsa was less than an hour old when she was found – explained Chief Superintendent Simon Crick this afternoon in statements relaunched by the British network – We don’t know how long she had been there when she was found”. “I think the person walking the dog heard the little girl crying,” he added.