Newrban, the green revolution of Cellularline accessories

In response to growing concerns about climate change, deteriorating air quality and traffic congestion, sustainable mobility has become a central theme over the past few years. Several Italian cities are trying to adopt strategies that reduce emissions, increase energy efficiency and promote low environmental impact means of transport such as electric vehicles. Newrban, the new Cellularline brand offers citizens who have embarked on this sustainable turning point safe and functional products, designed to facilitate or improve the electric transition with practicality and style, demonstrating the advantages and freedom that derive from it in a concrete and positive way.

Newrban, smart products

The wide range of Newrban is divided into three macro product categories, which embrace the road experience at 360 degrees: safety, accessories and transport.

They range from the protective helmet equipped with a soft washable internal pad, perfect for use on a bicycle or scooter, to the ecosystem of lights for perfect visibility on any occasion, available in kits or in front and rear versions, both rechargeable. But also solutions to wear to better signal one’s presence on the street, such as the reversible reflective jacket, an essential accessory for two-wheel lovers. Furthermore, the harness is equipped with a comfortable and roomy mobile phone pocket.

There is no shortage of storage bags for bikes and scooters, all equipped with three straps that make installation on the handlebar comfortable and easy, as well as being waterproof and water resistant to face all weather conditions. As far as transport and device supports are concerned, the new range is enriched by the solid and resistant aluminum support, for handlebars from 12 to 32 mm in diameter, easy to install and equipped with an anti-vibration module which minimizes the oscillations deriving from the different road surfaces, while protecting your smartphone.