Next, 10 years of New Economy celebrated with Minister Giovannini

Celebrated in Rome, at the Carlo Scarpa Hall of the Maxxi, i 10 years of activity for NeXt – New Economy for All. Prominent figures from the banking, political and economic world took part in the event, as well as Enrico Giovannini (Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility). The New Economy has been working for 10 years for the change of the dominant economic model and the implementation of the “Vote with the Portfolio”, which today more than ever emphasizes the importance of purchasing decisions not only of individual citizens, but also of institutions, collective bodies, finance (VIDEO).

The entire associative team and NeXt partners have reflected operationally on what can be done – each according to their own organizational “DNA” – to shifting market shares towards responsible production chains and activate all those economic choices capable of making one’s organization grow in integral sustainability.

“The emergencies we are facing (pandemics, climate) – he said Leonardo Becchetti, Co-founder NeXt – make progress in the direction of the common good ever more urgent. In the meantime, environmental responsibility progressively becomes mainstream and the new revolution of generativity and impact appears. As NeXt, we work together with associated organizations to set in motion processes capable of accelerating this transition, also from a social point of view, towards a more sustainable economic model “. The Senate, Giovannini recalls,” has already given two favorable opinions for the change of the Constitution. The Chamber has already voted once to change art. 9 of the Constitution, with the inclusion of the principle of justice between generations and art. 41 which concerns private property and private and public economic activity, where it is said that alongside social purposes there are also environmental purposes and that the activity cannot be carried out to the detriment of health and the environment. The change of the Constitution opens a new space for local communities to launch new battles“.

The work of the Scientific Technical Committee led by Giovanni Battista Costa (Co-founder NeXt Nuova Economia per Tutti and President of NeXt and EyeOnBuy) And Luca Raffaele (general manager NeXt New Economy for All and president Gioosto) led to the proposal of the Global Alliance for Portfolio Voting, the natural evolution of a 10-year process, which led shareholders and partners to recognize Portfolio Voting as an economic and political tool of primary importance for changing the economy.

The commitment made for the next 10 years is to make this approach more concrete, supporting economic choices aimed at the well-being and development of people, the environment and local communities. These are the first transversal indications of the working group that will proceed throughout 2022 in making the Alliance for Voting with the Portfolio increasingly concrete and tangible: enhancing good practices, connecting the different “worlds” that act on the territories, measuring and communicating to allow a responsible choice by all.

Participants were Gianna Fracassi (Deputy Secretary General CGIL), Casto di Bonaventura (Board of Directors CSVnet), Simone Romagnoli (Youth Coordinator Acli), Marco Filippeschi (Director of the Ali Studies Office), Paola Ferrara (Sustainability Manager Confcooperative), Sergio Gatti (General Director Federcasse), Mauro Vergari (Director of the Adiconsum Studies Office) and Bruno Bignami (Director of Psl Cei).