Next another, Sara Croce is no longer Bonas: the reason comes out

At Avanti another Sara Croce is no longer Bonas but in her place is Sophie Codegoni: what is the reason for this unexpected choice.

Next another is a format very popular with viewers since its debut. It sees the presence of Paolo Bonolis flanked by Luca Laurenti. They form a duo that is very popular and for years now they have put this professional partnership into practice. In these hours we are talking continuously about the program after some unexpected statements by the author Marco Salvati.

Next another, because Sara Croce is not in the program-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

The latter, a guest at Casa Pipol, revealed that the 2024 edition will most likely be the last. It would seem that this is a will of the conductor but also because, he says, when the transmission reaches seniority he means that he has made his journey: “A program that goes well doesn’t give up, but even good things have to say goodbye, there is an end to everything”. Since the new edition began, we have obviously noticed the presence of Sophie Codegoni, in the role of the new Bonas.

The former vippona, who was part of the previous edition of the GF Vip, has taken the place of Sara Croce which, you will recall, we have seen for several years in the format. It was Sara who revealed the reason for this ‘replacement’ who made everything known with a social post.

Next another, because Sara Croce is no longer the Bonas of the program: the reason comes out

Sara Croce was the Bonas of Avanti another for several editions. However, she is not present in the new one that has just begun and in her place is Sophie Codegoni, a former competitor of the GF Vip. It was she who announced it, the former protagonist of the format. With a social post she made it known of the conclusion of her beautiful experience of her: “Here we are, sooner or later this moment should have arrived, my wonderful experience with Avanti another ends here, in complete serenity”.

In this message he explained that he wanted to venture into new challenges. Furthermore, she thanked the conductor and all those who have been close to her in her ‘journey’ in the format. Shortly thereafter, new good news arrived and this time too it was the young woman who let everything be known. Apparently there was for her a huge renewal in another transmission much loved and followed by the public, the Maurizio Costanzo Show.

forward another, the truth comes out
Sara Croce absent from Avanti another: the truth comes out-Credits: instagram (sologossip)

It will in fact be a fixed presence for the next two seasons. The former Bonas commented on this goal as follows: “Very happy, honored and proud for the confirmation of my presence in all the episodes…”. She explains that in this experience it will be only Sara, a girl who has a dream and so much to learn. Finally, you thanked Maurizio Costanzo for the opportunity.