NFType, the virtual exhibition dedicated to NFT Art lands in the Metaverse

“NFType”, Lorenzo Marini’s exhibition dedicated to NFT Art, is online, exhibited in a virtual gallery accessible free of charge on the website, until Wednesday 28 December 2022. This is how Type Art, a new form of art created by Lorenzo Marini in 2016 and accompanied the following year by the “Manifesto for the liberation of letters”, lands in the Metaverse experimenting the transmutation into NFT, the Non-Fungible Token.

The freedom of letters

The exhibition path of ‘NFType’ presents 12 works of dynamic art, including digital native works and digitalizations of physical works that project the visitor into an immersive and hypnotic experience, enhanced by the psychedelic magnetism of musical synchronization. Lorenzo Marini’s NFTs celebrate the freedom of letters, disentangled from their conventional writing and reading utility, enhancing the beauty of the geometry that composes them. The letters, so far removed from the order of the alphabetical structure, are now also freed from the corporeality of the physical work, thus assuming an even stronger and unique identity that is expressed through the free chaos of a unique, authentic and non-repeatable aesthetic. .

“The NFTs animated the works of art”

“NFT was the key word for 2021, and it will be for the next few years too – says Marini – I love Non Fungible Tokens because they have changed the relationship between the public and technology, between artists and merchants, between canvas and digital. But I love them especially because they have animated the works of art, where everything becomes dynamic, vibrant, propulsive. My letters become excuses to create visual notes, chromatic vibrations, graphic architectures in motion. They can be reminiscent of the inside of a kaleidoscope, the outside of a city, or simply falling snow. “