Nice, no of 12 associations to Beatrice Venezi: “She is a neo-fascist”. Social replication

In France controversy over the participation of the conductor in a concert scheduled for New Year’s Eve at the Nice Opera. And she responds by launching a survey: “Right like this or what heads of c….?”

“That’s right” or “what a c….”? Beatrice Veniceconductor and music adviser to the Meloni government, find a way to answer like thison social media, to the controversies related to his performance at the Nice Opera, where she was invited to conduct a concert scheduled for next New Year’s Eve. The musician has in fact met theopposition from 12 French associations who fear the risk of having a “neo-fascist orchestra conductor” as a guest.

The conductor he then relaunched the poll created by the ‘Have your say’ account on Instagram (who daily urges followers to take sides on various current issues), which invites users to choose two alternatives on the controversies that have arisen over Venice. “That’s right” or “What a shithead…”? The account relaunched by Venezi then posted the words ‘solidarity for Beatrice Venezi’, inviting followers to write to the pianist to express their closeness.