Nicolás Cabré revealed how his relationship with China Suárez is

The Argentine actor Nicolás Cabré was in a relationship for a year with the China Suárez, more precisely between 2012 and 2013. In July 2013 the daughter they have in common was born: Rufina Cabré Suárez; but in November they had already separated. Currently the girl is already eight years old and is a great friend of the actress.

I will He was a guest on the program “Los Mammones”. His participation was highly anticipated since the actor does not usually speak to the press. In fact, he spoke of his bad relationship with journalists in general: “It does not mean that it does not bother me (what they say), but I always had the peace of mind that when I went to my house, my father did not ask me anything. And I say it with the good and with the bad, I knew the shit that he sent me, but all the others, I never had to explain anything. As of today, thank God I have already left that focus ”.

“If you see Rufina that I know is everything for you and one day she tells you that ‘I want to dedicate myself to acting’. What would you say to her?”, Asked Jey Mammón. To which the ex of Suarez She replied: “I would tell her not to work since she was a child. It seems to me that if she wants to be an actress, I would never say no to her because it is the light in my eyes and I am not going to clip her wings.”

And spoke of the eldest daughter of the China: “I learn day by day and Rufi is teaching me. He slaps me beautifully. I am lucky to be a partner. Giving advice to a parent is almost impossible, you learn and you have to be attentive from the smallest things. I have it a lot. I really enjoy it. “

Source: Instagram @cabrenico

“Being a father is learned. You have to try to learn, from the minimum things. When do I stop washing your head? I don’t know. You learn and continue. Communication with your mother is important. We are all the time talking to see what we decide. No one has the absolute truth, “he said. I will. So he was asked about his current relationship with the actress: “We talk to China five times a day: the only topic is Rufina. It is to be as much as possible ”.