Nicolas Cage will play himself in the video game Dead by Daylight. VIDEO

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Nicolas Cagethe face of The Family Man, Face/Off, Ghost Rider, The Mystery of the Templars, The Orchid Thief, Signals from the Future and many other iconic films, he’s making his own video game debut survival asymmetrical horror Dead by Daylight. The creators of the video game, therefore, surprise the players with this new tantalizing collaboration: Nicolas Cage will take part in Dead by Daylightplaying none other than himself.

The history of the game

Dead by Daylight (“dead by daylight”), is a video game released for Microsoft Windows in 2016 and later also for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2017, for Nintendo Switch in 2019, for iOS, Android, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X in 2020. The game, is constantly developed, especially in the Hollywood style, and is still able to attract quite a large group of players. The matches are composed of two asymmetrical teams, that of the survivors and that of the killer: the first is made up of 4 components, while the second includes only the killer but both sides must achieve objectives in order to win the game. The primary intent of the survivors is, of course, to escape from the killer, while the killer’s goal is the opposite, which is to prevent the survivors from escaping. But outside of developments and game modes, Dead by Daylight has also always been known for offer to many fans continue guest stars And crossovers worthy of note, leaving the player community generally very satisfied.

The teaser trailer with Nicolas Cage

Among the latest guest stars involved, there is also the American actor Nicolas Cage, even if the details of the collaboration have not yet been revealed and, to find out more, we will have to wait until July 5, 2023. Meanwhile, the game development team, Behavior Interactivehowever, has released a short teaser trailer which makes it clear how the studio has focused on a new way to relaunch the game’s content survival asymmetric multiplayer horror, or rather on the presence of Nicolas Cage, one of the most famous actors in Hollywood.

The wait

Inside the short teaser trailer available, we see Nicolas Cage, as himself, as he moves through the spaces of what appears to be a destroyed film set. “There is nothing more powerful than imagination”, are some of his words. And for now, in fact, all that remains is to rely on the imagination, since the teaser itself refers to next July 5th for even more in-depth details, in which the role that Nicolas Cage will play within the entirety will most likely be revealed. ‘multiplayer horror developed by Behavior Interactive. For now, we can only speculate: will Nicolas Cage be a killer, or conversely a survivor? And what skills will be available to him? What is certain is that Behavior Interactive, in the announcement published on the social channels, wrote the following regarding the contribution of the cult actor Nicolas Cage: “It is the interpretation of life”. The announcement obviously made thehype of fans for the video game.