Night of San Lorenzo 2021: how and when to see the show of the shooting stars

Simply called the “shooting stars of August,” the Perseids are the most anticipated meteor shower of the year. And in 2021 they promise a unique spectacle also due to a dim moon. This will allow us to better observe them with a peak expected in the night between 12 and 13 August.

When to look up

In addition to the moon which this year will allow you to see the “shooting stars” more easily, it is important to know that – according to the Italian Amateur Astronomers Union – the phenomenon will reach its peak in the early part of the evening. An intensity difficult to quantify, just think that the Perseids can “rain” even with rates of over one hundred meteors per hour and can generate very bright “shooting stars” due to fireballs, debris larger than others.

Meteor showers

Other meteor showers are also arriving in August, mostly concentrated between the constellations of Aquarius and Aquarius. In particular, at the beginning of the month the alpha Capricornids become more numerous, visible all night until the rising of the Moon, while between 9 and 11 August it is possible to observe the Aquarids and Aquilids delta.

The show of the planets

The planets will also make a show in the sky. For Jupiter the date to be marked is August 19, when the planet will reach opposition to the Sun remaining visible all night with maximum brightness, while for Saturn the opposition of the planet with the rings occurs at the beginning of the month and will be able to observe all night.