Nightmare kitchens, Chef Cannavacciuolo on a mission at the gates of Genoa

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On the Ligurian coast there are hundreds of restaurants, more or less all welcoming dozens of locals and tourists every day. There are countless solutions to welcome and satisfy hungry diners, but some restaurants are unable to withstand the pressure and the passing of time: if to all this is added a management that is not particularly proactive, the risks and dangers become very concrete. This is the case with Mellow Yellowlocal of Bogliascoat the gates of Genoawhere the new mission impossible of will take place Antonino Cannavacciolo For Hells Kitchenwaiting for Sunday 7 May exclusively on Sky Uno and streaming only on NOW.

The place, opened by Matteo with his wife Alice, is always full in the summer but the risk that this could turn into a boomerang is real: the there are many negative reviews on the web and in most cases they concern the behavior of the staff in the dining room. Matteo, manager and cook, is tired of the constant quarrels present within his young staff and reacts mainly in two ways: either he lets it go without solving the problems or, with his somewhat grumpy character, he blurts out screaming at everyone. This attitude even conditioned the relationship with his wife at work, so much so that Alice preferred to leave the club in order not to run into constant quarrels. The staff is disunited, the cuisine is pretentious, the owner is demotivated: for Antonino the mission is particularly difficult.

In the new episode of the Sky Original show produced by Endemol Shine Italy – Sunday 7 May at 21.15 exclusively on Sky Uno and in streaming only on NOW, always available on demand and visible on Sky Go Antoninus will put all his knowledge and skills at the service of the Mellow Yellow. Chef Cannavacciuolo will personally try the typical menu offered by the restaurant and evaluate the food and service, then he will observe the staff at work and, based on the problems that have arisen, he will give his advice, also providing suggestions for a new menu. The room will then be subjected to a total makeover in record time that will give it a new look making it more welcoming and functional, finally customer-friendly. After these interventions, the staff will then be ready to start again: with the passion for the restart and the strength of the advice received from the Chef, but also with the fundamental awareness of past mistakes, all the workers in the dining room and kitchen will be able to return to work, reopening doors to customers.


On the sea, a few steps from the coast of Bogliasco, is the Mellow Yellow, a place taken over eleven years ago by Matteo, an engineer officer in the Navy with a passion for cooking who, having left the military ranks, began this adventure first together with a partner and then with his wife. There would be all the cards to do well but, unfortunately, the situation is different, between personal problems, disorganization and discussions within the staff, both in the dining room and in the kitchen. Matteo tries to make up for the problems by maneuvering as best he can in the kitchen, but his wife, Alice, has also moved away from the restaurant, fearing that their relationship will be jeopardized even outside work due to constant arguments. Matteo hopes for the intervention of Chef Cannavacciuolo to restore order and professionalism to his staff.

Next week, in the last appointment of “Cucine da incubo”, Antonino Cannavacciuolo will be in Porto Cesareo (Lecce).