Nikita Pelizon, hard to recognize in this shot: you’ve never seen her like this

Nikita Pelizon, difficult to recognize in this shot: you’ve never seen her like this; the change of look of the competitor of the GF Vip 7.

She is one of the absolute protagonists of the seventh edition of GF Vip. Beloved by the public at home but not by all the roommates, Nikita Pelizon she is one of the most prominent competitors in the program hosted by Alfonso Signorini. She plans in the course of which she is experiencing a turbulent ‘love’ relationship…

Nikita Pelizon (Credits Mediaset Infinity) Sologossip

In reality, nothing ever happened with Luca Onestini, but the model never hid that she was interested in the former tronista of Men and Women. Which, however, apparently she does not reciprocate: discussions are the order of the day between the two. Will anything change over the weeks? Waiting to find out more, we show you a shot of Nikita that will leave you speechless. The influencer, today, brings i hair with blue undertones: a real hallmark for her, who loves playing with her hair and experimenting with the most varied hairstyles. But do you know how it was a while ago? A completely different look from the current one, take a look.

Nikita Pelizon, the shot will amaze you: no blue hair

You are following the path of Nikita Pelizon in the house of the GF Vip? We had already seen the young model in Beijing Express, paired with Helena Prestes in the ‘Italy – Brazil’ team. To the GF VipHowever, Nikita is making himself known at 360 degrees, showing different sides of his character, highly appreciated by viewers. Pelizon was more than once the most voted by the public and, consequently, the favorite. For everyone, she is one of the candidates for the final victory, even if it is a little early to talk about it: this year’s Canale 5 reality show will end in early April. Waiting to find out what will happen in the coming weeks, we show you a shot of Nikitapresent on his official Instagram channel, which will leave you speechless.

One of the hallmarks of the model is hers blue hair, which Nikita loves to style in different ways. From pigtails to waves, up to the ponytail or simple smooth styling: for live evenings at GF Vip, Pelizon always loves experimenting with new make-up and new looks. And speaking of looks, take a look at this shot, shared by Nikita on her Instagram, at the beginning of 2022. The look was quite different from the one proposed today, see for yourself:

nikita pelizon blonde
Nikita Pelizon first (Credits Instagram) – Sologossip

Well yes, no turquoise hair: Nikita was super blonde some time ago! A completely different look, but one that suited her perfectly, just like the current one. In any ‘version’, Nikita is simply magnetic. And you, are you following her in her adventure in the Cinecittà house? Are you rooting for her?