Nikita Pelizon makes a dramatic confession to GF Vip: “At 16 I wanted to leave”

Nikita Pelizon makes a strong confession about a moment in her life: “At 16 I wanted to leave”.

In the house of Big Brother Vip there are very strong personalities. This is why the clash is often inevitable. In recent days, the central theme has been what happened to Marco Bellavia. This last Saturday he quit the game. The audience was indignant because the other contestants did not show humanity towards him.

Nikita pelizon confesses (credits: mediaset play)

Indifference accompanied his days. In the episode we saw some very strong videos. Several times he has been dismissed even though he had somehow tried to approach others even by simply asking ‘how are you’. He did it with Giovanni Ciacci but he found a wall. Measures were taken on Monday. Ginevra Lamborghini was disqualified while at a later time Alfonso opened a flash televoting. The public chose to send Ciacci home.

After the episode, almost everyone talked about what happened. Nikita Pelizon while talking to Patrizia and Wilma made a very strong confession about her life. She said she thought as a teenager to get it over with.

Nikita Pelizon made a dramatic confession: “At 16 I thought about leaving”

After what happened on Monday 3 October, the competitors were able to talk about it. Some have touched on the idea of ​​abandoning. Sara Manfuso had already said during the broadcast that he had thought it and it would seem that the thought is still there. Patrizia Rossetti, speaking with the roommates, also mentioned that she wanted to leave.

There was no lack of clashes. Antonella Fiordelisi had a quarrel with Gegia while she was at the table. She accused the latter of doing nothing at home: “Who vacuumed the room ?! “ the competitor answered. In the afternoon Nikita Pelizon while he was talking to Wilma and Patrizia he recounted a difficult moment in his life.

nikita pelizon confesses
Nikita’s confession (credits: twitter)

He was 16 and had thought about ending it: “At 16 I was making a very drastic decision. I said I didn’t choose to be alive and I can choose when to leave, and I wanted to leave. I was doing all the kit to go and they blocked me in time “, confessed the competitor. She explained that a few days earlier she had noticed the half moon and pink clouds and that when she sees these things she thinks about that moment. She says if she did something she would never see them: “When I see these things here I think of that moment there that I was deciding to leave, and I say ‘I could never have seen these things'”. Nikita told a moment of her adolescence and explains that now when he looks at these beautiful things about her he does it for her but also for those who are no longer there: “I know that we are looking at them together “.