Nina Soldano without filters: here she is at the sea in costume

Nina Soldano shows herself on social networks without filters: here she is in a shot at the sea in costume.

Nina Soldano plays a leading character in Un posto al sole, Marina Giordano. It is in 2003 that she becomes part of the soap opera reaching maximum popularity. Her career began many years earlier, cinema and the small screen have seen her several times in the cast of important films.

Nina soldano, costume (credits: instagram)

It is not possible to forget his character in the film Fatality where he starred alongside Nino D’Angelo. The film released in 1992 is still very popular today. The actress took on the role of Anna and was very young. This is just one of the many roles brought to the stage on the big screen, we have seen it yet Night of the Sharks, Crimes and Perfumes, Bonus Malus, Me and the King; on the small screen she starred in Desperately Giulia Steps Of Love, Woman Of Honor, Casa Vianello, Spell, Start Over, The Judge Mastrangelo and in many other films.

As we said, it has achieved maximum popularity thanks to A Place in the Sun. When she joined her in 2003, the public began to know her more and more, at least from the professional side, appreciating her talent. Her character is central and is very much loved. It is no coincidence that when Marina left last year and we did not see her on stage for a few weeks, viewers took sides against this choice, demanding her return. A Place in the Sun is now on vacation and many of the cast are too. Nina Soldano is at the seaside with her husband. On her social channel she has recently published many photos and stories, showing herself without filters.

Nina Soldano on holiday by the sea: here is the actress in costume without filters

A place in the sun is on vacation and when he comes back we will finally find out what happened to Viola and Susanna. In fact, the last episode saw a real twist on the scene, Lello Valsano fired three gunshots at the two women but the episode ended leaving everyone with bated breath.

The soap opera will return after the summer break. The actors of the cast are relaxing by the sea or in other beautiful places before resuming the recordings. Nina Soldano is also taking advantage of the break, and he is at the sea with his partner Teo Bordagni. The actress lets us know by posting several stories about where she is and where she shows up on the beach or in the water.

nina soldano costume
Nina soldano, costume (credits: instagram)

Nina shared a series of photos in which we can admire her in a costume without filters. She showed off a great physical shape. You have nothing to send to the very young. In this shot she is wearing a two-piece bikini with a particular pattern of two different colors.