Nina Zilli after pregnancy spoiler: “Biggio, but vaff …”

The singer with a video on Instagram confirms that she is pregnant: “How dare you say such a thing instead of those directly concerned?”

“How dare you say such a thing in place of those directly concerned?”. Nina ZIlli angry, with a post on Instagram, confirms Fabrizio Biggio’s spoiler on her pregnancy. “I’ll leave the comments below to you, you can thank Biggio together with us”. And in a video, together with his partner Danti, the two ironically say: “After having done all the checks, we have something very important to say: to Biggio, vaff…”.

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“I would have liked to tell YOU, my virtual family, my working family (no one knew yet) and also those dear friends I hadn’t seen yet, in another way – reads the post again – With the joy of amaze you, with the joy of someone who finally takes a little secret out of his heart and rejoices very much for sharing it with the one he loves the most”.

“Then one day we will talk seriously about lightness and generic lack of respect, towards us women, in health, in sickness, in wealth or in poverty, in pregnancy or alone”, writes Nina Zilli.