Nina Zilli is pregnant, the announcement on Instagram with boyfriend Danti VIDEO

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Nina Zilli is pregnant. With a video posted on Instagram, the singer-songwriter and her partner Dante confirmed the news that in recent days had escaped a Fabrizio Biggio during the live Instagram of Fiorello’s program, Viva Rai2. The 42-year-old artist wanted to joke about the “spoiler”, but also to demonstrate a certainty resentment towards the friendwhich made the sweet expectation known before it was the future parents who did it.

Nina Zilli, her words

“This is one of the reasons to announce a pregnancy it should be a personal choice!” wrote Nina Zilli in the social post, accompanying the video in which, together with her partner Danti, she shows a paparazzi looking for the first photo of the baby bump. “How dare you say such a thing in place of those directly involved? I leave the comments below to you, you can thank Biggio together with us” wrote the singer. Nina Zilli would have liked to break the news to family and friends, but also to her virtual community, without someone else doing it for her. “I wanted to tell you, my virtual family, my working family (no one knew yet) and also those close friends I hadn’t seen yet, in another way. With the joy of surprising you, with the joy of someone who finally takes a little secret out of his heart and rejoices very much for sharing it with the one he loves the most”. The artist took the opportunity to anticipate a topic that is very close to her heart. “Then one day we will talk seriously about lightness and general disrespect, towards us women, in health, in sickness, in wealth or in poverty, in pregnancy or in solitary”. In the end, a message to the paparazzi, who Nina Zilli said was always kind to her, but who in recent days have been “stalking” her waiting to see her baby bump. “Wait a little longer! Offstage, I dress too oversized to show anything.” Many greetings have sprung up under the post, both from fans and from the singer’s VIP friends. Bianca Atzei, also waiting, wrote: “How nice”. And then also Ema Stokholma, Le Donatella, Sandra Milo and Laura Chiatti.

Nina Zilli, the story with Danti

Nina Zilli (pseudonym of Maria Chiara Fraschetta) e Dante, real name Daniele Lazzarin, also a singer and music producer, they began dating towards the end of 2019 and since 2020 their relationship has become public even if they have always lived it away from the spotlight. The two met when they duetted together in the song You and meof which they also shot the video clip together.