Nino D’Angelo and his wife: you will hardly recognize him in this very young shot

The photo that portrays a very young Nino D’Angelo with his wife Annamaria: the two have been together for many years and love each other as on the first day.

Songwriter, actor, director, composer, screenwriter: with his art, Nino D’Angelo born Gaetano, has conquered the love of the Neapolitan public and also of the Italian one.

Nino D’Angelo and his wife: you will hardly recognize him in this photo from very young (Instagram)

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Born in the Campania capital on 21 June 1957 into a large family, he owes the opportunity to pursue a musical career to his wife’s father: the man, songwriter, enrolled him in an amateur festival and contributed financially to the recording. of his first single by title “In my story – or ‘snatching “.

But how did Nino and the woman he married meet? The fateful meeting took place when both were practically teenagers: he was just 15 and she was 12. She was among the guests at a wedding in which the singer performed and the spark that still keeps them united today immediately took off.

“Annamaria’s father, Professor Vincenzo Gallo, took me from the street and took me to his house. But I gave him a rudeness because I secretly fell in love with my daughter and we ran away together! “, Said the artist a while ago guest at Sunday In.

In 1979 they married and then became parents of two children, Antonio and Vincenzo. Many years have passed since then: you will be speechless to see the couple in a youth photo!

Nino D’Angelo, the photo with his wife is not to be missed: how young they were!

A love of other times that between D’Angelo and Annamaria Gallo: the two never left, not even when the Neapolitan artist went through a long period of darkness. “What a beautiful life I had: I found the woman of life and she never gave me problems. When I was sick with depression he never let me go! ”, He told Mara Venier to microphones.

Annamaria is not a show woman; the only information about her comes from what her husband reveals. Both of them they are grandparents of four grandchildren. In the shot that we show you they appear, still boys, happy and in love.

She, simply beautiful. He, without the famous blond bob that characterized him in many films, is not easy to recognize at first glance, right?

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Nino D'Angelo wife
Photo source: Facebook

There is little to say: together they are the portrait of love!