Nino D’Angelo: “Messi like Maradona? No comparison, Diego is unique”

“Happy for the Albiceleste victory, Argentinians like brothers for us”

For us Neapolitans, Argentina is Maradona. If a Neapolitan decides to support Argentina, there’s a reason, and the reason is that for the Neapolitans, Argentina represents Diego, so for us it’s as if he were playing. Diego is happy if Argentina wins, and therefore we are happy too”. Nino D’Angelowho thus comments on the victory of Argentina, World champion ai Soccer World Cup 2022 in Qatar after an exciting final against France.

Messi like Maradona? For me there is no comparison. They are really two different worlds, they belong to different eras – says the Neapolitan actor and singer – and then I’m too biased, I think that Maragona is unique and inimitable”. The victory of the Albiceleste “I was pleased not only for Diego but also for the Argentines -adds D’Angelo-because they are a people who are so similar to us. Diego always said this when he came to Naples: ‘it’s as if we were brothers'”.