Nino Frassica increases the reward to 10 thousand euros for his cat: “Hiro is detained”

It’s been several weeks now since Hiro, the beloved Nino Frassica’s cat, has mysteriously disappeared. Now, however, the mystery has reached a resolution: the animal is found in Spoleto but whoever took it has no intention of returning it.

Nino Frassica’s announcement on Instagram

On Saturday 28 October, Nino Frassica and his wife will return to Rome. “Hiro is being held in a house Piazza Campello in Spoleto. We did everything to get it back, but at this point we are confident that once we return to Rome they will be able to release it”, the actor explained on Instagram. “We are willing to increase the reward to ten thousand euros”. Only a month ago, Frassica explained that Hiro had not yet been found, but that she was confident of having him back home soon. Many people from Spole did their utmost to find him, many gave the actor and his family advice and reassurance. Because, for the Frassicas, Hiro is one And the hope is that he will be with his owners to celebrate his third birthday and those to come.

Who took Hiro?

To track down Hiro, Nino Frassica did everything. He looked for it with i molecular dogs, located it, and tried to get it back. Without succeeding. The people who took him won’t let him in. “He is a cat to them, not a child. Our Hiro didn’t run away, that’s the point,” he explained. “We tried everything and when we found out that these two crazy people had it we tried everything. However, we have enough evidence.” Frassica called those people “sick” (they would be serial hoarders of beautiful cats). When he arrived at their home, the actor found Hiro’s hair: it was precisely this that gave him the strength to carry on. But there was no way to hug his puppy again, a Burma breed. Why? Because the “new owners” deny that it is Nino’s cat. And there’s no way to prove it except by going to one vet who can read your microchip (which is not so unlikely, since Hiro has health problems). Could the reward of 10 thousand euros now entice the kidnappers? Or will we have to wait for the report of an attentive vet? Surely, there will be no shortage of updates.