Nino Frassica loses his cat and offers 5 thousand euros to anyone who finds him

Hours of worry about Nino Frassica. The actor launched an appeal on Instagram to find Hirothe cat who disappeared on Tuesday 26 September a Spoleto.

nino frassica: “It’s not a fake thing, unfortunately we can’t find it”

The actor asked everyone for help to try to find his faithful friend who unfortunately disappeared a few hours ago. Nino Frassica shared a photo of the cat writing: “I’m Nino, I’m in Spoleto and my cat Hiro has disappeared and we haven’t found him since this morning.”

The actor added: “If you are from Spoleto, my cat is microchipped and send me a private message. The reward for whoever brings it back to us is 5,000 euros.”

Nino Frassica then clarified: “Please contact me if you spot or have it. It’s not a fake thingunfortunately we haven’t really found him since this morning.”

Many fans sent messages of closeness and support to the actor, encouraging him in his search and wishing him a happy ending. Today, Wednesday 27 September, Nino Frassica updated the public on the developments. According to what was written, Hiro would have been spotted yesterday evening.

Nino Frassica (PHOTO): “Update: last sighting last night near the fortress tour in Spoleto”. The search to bring Hiro home continues unabated.