Nino Frassica, the wife reported by the neighbors for the cat Hiro

Barbara Exignotiswife of Nino Frassica, was reported from the neighbors. And so is her daughter, Valentina Lubrano, born from a previous relationship. The reason? Once again, the disappearance of the beloved cat Hiro.

The complaint against Barbara Exignotis

Hiro it is a splendid specimen of Sacred of Burma. But, above all, he is the “son” of Nino Frassica and Barbara Exignotis. Last September, while the actor was in Spoleto to shoot the new episodes of Don Matteo, It’s disappeared. Day after day, piece by piece, we have arrived at what – according to Nino and Barbara – is the truth: the cat would be held by force by an elderly couple from Spoleto. Couple who, declaring themselves unrelated to the facts, decided to report the actor. However, it seems that the Frassica family will have to go to court several times in the coming months. Last November 3, the Conti family (who lives next to the Frassicas) filed a new complaint. The reason? It would have been defamed by Barbara Exignotis and Valentina Lubrano, and would have suffered real persecution on social media. Exignotis, in fact, accused the 88-year-old neighbor of having thrown the cat out of the house, which had entered by mistake through a window. This was a gesture that would have consigned him to the street and therefore to an unfortunate fate. According to the elderly woman, Frassica’s wife, after insulting her several times on her social media profiles, even threw a stone at her house. The lawyer assisting her, however, denies having anything to do with it. According to his words, the Conti family would never have seen Hiro (moreover, it seems that the police did not find any trace of the cat inside the house), but would have ended up at the center of a “storm of insults, serious threats and persecutory acts such as stalking”. Hence, the decision to bring the matter before a judge.

The new arrivals at Frassica

While Hiro’s research continues, Nino Frassica and Barbara Exignotis have adopted another kitten. “How emotional it was when it arrived Hori. But we can’t be totally happy. We are missing a piece of our heart. Hiro”, so the woman wrote on Instagram, sharing the video of Hori’s arrival. The puppy, only two months old, is now at Valentina’s house because “he is still being dewormed”, as Exignotis wrote in response to a user. But it’s not over: a few days later, Frassica also arrived at home Jupiter. Which, now, is added to Hori, Cookie and Bianca. While waiting for Hiro to return, because forgetting him is impossible. And stopping looking is not an option.

The words of Barbara Exignotis

Following the complaint, Barbara Exignotis returned to Instagram. With a long direct, she has apologized. And she explained that she was devastated. Since Hiro disappeared, he takes several calming, to try to fill the anguish, fear and sadness of no longer having him by his side. During the live broadcast, she confirmed that she had said “unspeakable phrases” towards her neighbor who, according to him, would have really kicked the cat out.