No makeup and filters: the actress shows herself natural and she is gorgeous even so

We see her on the red carpet with perfect diva dresses and make-up, but this time the actress showed herself to the natural: amazing result!

There are not a few famous women who have been following the fashion of the ‘selfie no filter’ in recent months. One way to revive natural beauty, the one not retouched by social filters or makeup. If world stars like Jennifer Aniston and JLo showed themselves in soap and water version, several local divas have not pulled back at all.

Beautiful actress even natural (Credits: Instagram)

Even a beloved actress, active in Italy, followed this trend leaving everyone speechless. She is a foreigner but she has lived in Italy for many years now and, although she has never used too heavy make-up, she has rarely appeared with a 100% natural look. She only did it once, some time ago, to talk about the problem of vitiligo from which it is affected in order to urge everyone not to suffer from unnecessary complexes on the physical aspect.

In our country, the splendid movie star has found success and also love: for many years she lived an intense story with a character much loved by the public, who made her a mother for the first time and who unfortunately lost her life years ago in a terrible accident. At the time she was just 30 years old and their little girl just 6. Do you think you understand who we are talking about?

Have you seen the gorgeous actress without makeup? Also wonderful natural

The beloved face of cinema who has enchanted everyone with a selfie in which she appears without makeup or filters is her, Kasia Smutniak! At the age of 43, the former partner of Pietro Taricone continues to be of unparalleled beauty. A quality that, apparently, she clearly belongs to her without having to retouch her photos.

Born in Warsaw, Kasia began her modeling career in Poland at the age of 17 by participating in a beauty contest. In Italy where she arrives in 1998, she becomes the testimonial of the Tim she advertising and in 2000 she makes her debut in the cinema in the film At the right time directed by Giorgio Panariello. In 2003, in Radio West precisely knows Taricone to whom she remains linked until the tragic death of the latter in 2010.

Smutniak has always been beautiful, but we assure you that her selfie no filter really leaves you speechless: in the shot we see her in complete home outfit, without styling and removing make-up. A hymn to ‘normality’ that Kasia has always wanted to keep despite its success. Messy hair or not, make-up or not, it remains an indisputable beauty icon. Above all, it is impossible not to notice how time never seems to pass for you, right?

natural actress
Famous actress without makeup (Credits: Instagram)

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