No makeup, filters and lights: Elodie is gorgeous even when she wakes up

Elodie shared a story on Instagram in which she appears as soon as she wakes up and without makeup. Fans couldn’t help but notice her beauty

Elodies is one of the contestants of the 73rd edition of the San Remo Festival. The Roman artist, born in the Italian capital on May 3, 1990, will appear for the third time on the stage of theAristonhaving already participated in 2017, with All my fault and in 2020, with the song Andromeda. On the occasion of his third participation in the most famous Italian music festival in the world, the former competitor of Friends of Maria De Filippi will sing the song Two.

Elodie, one of the contestants of the Sanremo Festival (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Elodies she has nearly three million followers on Instagram and her followers love her political positions (she is a well-known supporter of the rights of the LGBT community) and her photos. The beauty of the Lazio singer is evident in every shot and she has shown that she has a lot of sensuality in various music videos and in the film I eat your heartreleased in theaters last year, directed by Pippo Mezzapesa.

Just a few hours ago, Elodies shared a story about Instagram without makeup and just woke up. Although she was not well prepared, the singer immediately appeared beautiful and drove all her followers crazy. Here is the photo that Elodies has published today on social networks.

Elodie without makeup on Instagram, crazy fans for the Roman singer

Can a simple video with a two-word caption (see you later) drive millions of followers crazy on Instagram? If the story is shared by Elodies, everything is possible! A few hours ago, the former partner of Marrakech posted a story about Instagram in which he spoke of his participation in the San Remo Festival. Elodies will be one of the singers who will take the stage of theAriston during the first evening, conducted by Clare Ferragni, Amadeus And Gianni Morandi.

Elodie Instagram story
Elodie published a story as soon as she woke up (credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

The video lasts a few seconds and has a very simple caption: “Later”, followed by a small red heart. The Lazio singer greeted her followers and made an appointment for tonight. Here’s what she said: “Good morning, the fateful day has arrived. I woke up with a bit of a cold. Finally tonight we sing, I can’t wait and I really hope you like it Two. I love you, see you later”.

Several television broadcasts are betting on the dress that Elodies will wear on the occasion of prime time. In 2020, when it led to the San Remo Festival the song Andromeda, sported very low-cut dresses that her fans liked very much. Will it be like this again or will it change style? We have to wait a few more hours to know the answer.