No to seizure of a current account if the debt is under one thousand euros

The rule in the new draft of the Maneuver

There will be no foreclosure if the debt is under one thousand euros. This is foreseen in a new draft of the Maneuver, which is circulating at the moment. “For the needs of maximum protection of the debtor, if the total amount being prosecuted is less than a thousand euros”, reads the draft, the rule requiring the collection agent to draw up and notify the third party electronically will not be applied, without delay, the payment order, even if direct access to the accounts made it possible to identify the debtor’s credits in the availability of one or more financial operators.

Forza Italia’s doubts

“If confirmed in the definitive version, this rule will have to be the subject of further study because we are against fiscal pressure but also against fiscal oppression” he says, speaking to Adnkronos, the vice-president of the Chamber and exponent of Forza Italia Giorgio Mulè, regarding the rule contained in the draft of the maneuver which provides for direct access to tax accounts and electronic foreclosure for those who have debts. “So if this rule goes in a non-guarantee direction and that does not guarantee the taxpayer, it will need to be revised“, says the blue parliamentarian.

Government bonds

From the calculation of the ISEE “government bonds are excluded up to a total value of 50,000 euros” as well as “financial savings collection products with repayment obligations backed by a state guarantee”. Thus, in the latest draft of the maneuver circulating at the moment, article 38 on the exclusion of government bonds from the ISEE calculation changes.